UNIFAT100 is a fat powder(Rumen bypass fat ) with high concentrated sources for Ruminants , especially produces from natural high quality grade of palm oil . Its Non-hydrogenated and free from trans Fatty Acid, Rich and high amount of Palmitic acid which is the key type of fatty acid that can bypass the rumen and turn into energy source and doesn't interfere with rumen fermentation and is highly digestible .

Features and Benefits

Below you can find key benefits of UNIFAT100:

Dairy Cattle         450-750g
Dry Cattle            100-150g
Beef Cattle          150-450g
Sheep & Goat       50-100g
Store in cool dry place.Keep away form odoriferous materials and avoid direct exposing to sunlight. shelf life is 12 month after production.
25 kg paper bag and our packing is flexible by or customer request.
Minimum order is 18 Mt without pallet or 17 Mt with pallet / 1x20ft Container 

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