Special fats

Special Fats

we strive to provide customers with a comprehensive and one stop solution for their manufacturing needs. We have a large base of products which customers can choose from. We can also specifically customise products for our customers. We define our products into Confectionery Fats, Dairy Replacer, Special Function Oils & Fats, Bakery Fats and Special Frying Oils & Fats categories to satisfy a broad range of requirements.

Dairy Replacer

Confectionery Fats

Special Function Oils & Fats

Bakery Fats

Special Frying Oils & Fats

Fats and oils are used throughout the world for both food applications and industrial uses.( Bakery, Chocolate , Ice creams , Biscuits, cakes , coating  and etc.)


Packing : by customer request 

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