Universal Streams Sdn.Bhd (868507-K) is a set of commercial companies established in line with the objectives of accelerating, and enjoying over 35 years of founder’s experiences.

Our Vision:

Universal Streams conducts business with integrity & fairness.

Our Mission:

Establish strong relationships among the Supplier and End users in  Malaysia and Asia pacific by marketing and Investment on Projects,  Products and Services  for F&B industries ,Oleo chemicals ,Lab and pharmaceutical ,Petrochemical and edible oil industries.

Universal Streams will become the key player that contributing to the economic growth in these regions.

Universal Streams Sdn Bhd was established in August 2009 to gain near the half a century of international trade and financial expertise of its managers and directors to contribute the company and to source for business opportunities in South East Asia.

Universal Streams Sdn Bhd concentrated on strength of products in this region and focuses on F&B industries ,Oleo chemical ,Lab and pharmaceutical ,Petrochemical ,Edible oils  .

One of our aims is carrying out measures accurately for those who have sufficient confidence in us to hand over their business operations.


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